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 How we got started with Pet Sitting

For years we had  talked about how we would love to have our own small business. Being owned by cats for over 20 years gave us the basis on which to plan our venture.

We decided to combine our love of cats and our experience of placing our cats in catteries, and came up with PawsInFife.

An excellent business start up course run by Carnegie College provided lots of good practical advice that has helped us plan and build our business.

The great part, is working for yourself and  doing something you feel passionate about. Success is down to delivering a service that makes people want to come back, treating other pets with all the care and affection that they have grown to expect,  as if they were your own.

We have two cats at home, Maggie, who is pompous and loves her food  and Scampers who is a bit daft,  hides in strange places, chases anything that moves but will boss Maggie if she puts a paw out of place.

Our two cats Maggie and Scampers